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At first glance you may think we cannot spell very well.  Then you may come to the realization that we are making a play on words, that we are innkeepers and own a Bed & Breakfast. Hence InnSpired Cooking.

Casey and Nathan Allan own and operate the Swantown Inn Bed and Breakfast, in Olympia Washington. They love what they do, and they hope that shows. Of course with a bed and breakfast, after a wonderful nights sleep you are treated to a breakfast that goes a little beyond the bowl of cereal, piece of toast, or processed pop-tart. Something a little more gourmet. Something you probably would not bother to do at home unless it was a special occasion.

Most of the guests at Bed and Breakfasts think that the breakfasts they are having are complicated and too detailed to prepare at home. Sometimes this is the case, but there are also some gems that are fairly simple to re-create at home.

More than Breakfast.

You will see that InnSpired Cooking offers more than breakfast recipes, there are lunch, dinner, snack, dessert and even condiment recipes to be found. You see although in the case of the Swantown Inn we can only serve our guests breakfast due to health code guidelines and regulations, however that does not mean we do not enjoy creating and trying to create other sorts of meals. In fact one day the Inn may even have some sort of cafe, restaurant or catering business.

Featuring other Innkeepers, Cooks and Chefs.

It is the goal of this web site to eventually feature other innkeepers, cooks and chefs. Others who have been inspired to create and serve guests, friends and family delicious meals. Keep an eye open for their recipes and stories in the future.

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