Humpday Hamburgers & Meal Planning

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I have something to admit. I am a bad meal planner. I do really well for the inn, especially in the summer, I can have a whole month planned out in order to accommodate food allergies, preferences, repeat guests, etc but when it comes to our own meals, all bets are off. I will have a plan, then 3pm rolls around and something completely different sounds much tastier.

A friend of mine started doing an “open house” of sorts on a Tuesday. She calls it Taco Tuesday, and appropriately enough they have tacos. I thought this was a great idea for us at the inn and it is often hard for us to get away from the inn to visit with friends and family and we often hear, “What time is dinner?” when I post on facebook what we are having. So I got to thinking why couldn’t we do this. Didn’t want to do Taco Tuesday though and do a direct rip-off, but something that was easily scalable, versatile, and something we usually do on a somewhat regular basis anyhow.

As I was getting ready to make burgers for dinner I knew the answer was in my hands at that very moment. There isn’t a day of the week called Buesday though, so I posted it out on the great oracle of facebook and another friend said, “Humpday Hamburgers”. I have also heard them called “Hangover Hamburgers” but that is another story. So on Wednesday, which works really well for us at the moment, we host Humpday Hamburgers, invite friends & family to join us in whatever the burger creation is that week, with oven fries, sweet potato fries, salads, or whatever side I decide on that week.

We have had friends every week so far, we skipped two weeks in December because we hosted Santa Photos here at the inn one day and the following Wednesday was Christmas. We hope skipped Wednesdays will be few and far between.

So far we have had lentil burgers, the recipe can be found here, Turkey Burgers, Guacamole Bacon Beef Burgers and we are even doing pulled pork sandwiches (they are on a bun, they totally count as a burger). Is there something you have on a regular basis that you could include your friends and family in? Spaghetti Sunday? Monkey Bread Monday? Food brings people together and creates community, starts conversations, builds relationships. Can’t we all use a little of that in our lives?

What this has led me to do is have a few standards on the menu. We still participate in Meatless Monday (although not necesarily on Monday), burgers on Wednesday (and I make my own buns, watch for those recipes soon), and homemade pizza on Friday, and we are going to do one night with fish as well. That doesn’t mean to say that the fish can’t be a burger as well. Now that has me going, mahi mahi burger with grilled pineapple and avocado….what will your next creation be?

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