Tilapia Fish Patties

Now, I turned these into...

From the kitchen of the Swantown Inn Bed & Breakfast

  • turkey burger

    Turkey Burgers

    Average Rating: (1.5 / 5)

    These burgers are reminiscent of Thanksgiving dinner, with lots of flavor and moist and juicy. The addition of olive oil adds fat in that prevents them from drying ...

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  • Cheddar Apple Bacon Soufflé

    Average Rating: (0 / 5)

    Ok…so it isn’t a traditional soufflé. As an innkeeper, trying to time breakfast for multiple sets of guests with a limited amount of time of prep, and just ...

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  • Casey’s Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Average Rating: (3.3 / 5)

    I’ve often been asked where I learned to cook. The answer is, “in the kitchen”. I’ve never taken any formal training, but I have been cooking since I ...

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